Do you know how to avoid from unwanted comments?

HandySofts has implemented new solution for you who get tired with unwanted comments on Instagram. Using this app/site you will be able to take clean your published medias/selfies.

How it works?

It is so simple to use InstaBlackList app/site. Login Add words Done:)

Login our site/app via your instagram profile which you want to take clean from unwanted comments
Add words
Add all words which you don't want to see in comments on your photo/selfie
Done :)
Our app/site will work 24/7 and take clean your posts/photos/selfies from unwanted comments which contains one of words(which you have added in previous step). You can login and view cleaned comments list any time. You can also view owner of unwanted comment.

How stop app/site from cleaning my comments?

If you no longer want to use our service you can login to app/site and click Disable Comment Cleaning Service button.

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